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All of my shoulder bags and jewelry, are hand-made in Scottsdale Arizona for the discerning woman who appreciates unique design, quality, and function.

I purchase the finest leather skins, including, cow hides, hair on hide, buffalo, deer skins, and others upon request.

The linings are silk, satin, hand-dyed cotton batiks, and other fabrics when I come across unusual and beautiful fabrics in my travels.

My jewelry style is classic and is worn by customers from many backgrounds and areas of the US.  I use beautiful turquoise, sterling silver, and beads from many countries.  All top quality and interesting shapes and sizes.

Upon request, I also create custom accent pillows for your home and other items that you may desire.

Custom orders are easy and fun.  


Recently working with Friends of the NRA, I am donating regularly to their many fund raisers in Arizona.  The last event was at the Embassy Suites in Paradise Valley on October 6. My concealed carry bag brought in $800 at the live auction for their program.

Previous to this endeavor, I started making the concealed carry bags to fulfill a personal need.  I had looked in many stores, online, ads, and every place I could think of.  So, out of necessity (as you know, "necessity is the mother in invention") I started creating my designs and prototypes.  I now have 3 different styles to match the need and style to carry.


Letter from cherished customer:

Hi Leslie,

I enjoyed meeting you at the Jackson Art Festival.  Enclosed is a check for $800 for a black handbag like the one you carried that day.  I looked closely at the construction of the ones carried by the Jackson Hole Hat Company.  You really do a wonderful job, not just with the fabulous designs and attention to detail, but the construction was excellent as well.  I wish you success with you designs.  

Best regards,

Janine Bellock 



Coming in November:

Sale of turquoise necklaces

Pictures and Prices to be announced.


I will be sharing booth space with "Eleven", a premiere leather jacket company, located in Los Angeles, for the upcoming Barrett Jackson show in January at West World.  I will keep you updated on dates and booth location.


How long does it take to get a custom order for shoulder bags and jewelry?

Usually it takes several weeks for a shoulder bag order, depending on the availability of the desired leather and amount of custom beading.

Necklaces take 1 to 2 weeks.

Rush orders can be accommodated within reason.

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